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Boxes Unboxed: Mastering Royal Mail PIP for Your UK Shipments

Royal Mail PIP boxes are a cost-effective way of packaging solutions that help to reduce waste and improve reliability and durability. It allows the customer to choose their parcel according to the size and diameter of their goods. Due to its customization and cost-saving aspect, people are choosing such parcels more and more. There are many benefits associated with these Royal Mail PIP boxes including cost-effectiveness, convenient packaging solutions, improved branding, time-saving, and durability. If you want to send a parcel to your closed one then you can try such royal mail pip boxes. No doubt, you will not face any awkward moments in front of your guests or friends. We will send your parcel to your chosen destination within the promised time.

Different sizes of PiP boxes

Royal Mail PIP boxes are different sized –

  1. Mini letter [240 x 165 x 5 mm; Max weight- 0.1 kg]
  2. Large letter [353 x 250 x 25 mm; Max weight- 0.75 kg]
  3. Small parcel [450 x 350 x 160 mm; Max weight- 2.0 kg]
  4. Medium parcel [610 x 410 x 410 mm; Max weight- 20 kg]
  5. Large parcel [1500 x 1500 x 1500 mm; Max weight- 30 kg]
  6. PiP tubes [900 mm*; Max weight- various]

Utilities and customization of bags

Different types of products are set for parceling using Royal Mail PIP boxes for your UK shipment authority. For example, if you want to send a greeting card or personal letter, you can choose a small letter-sized box, or if you want to send any document or magazine you should choose a large letter box that can bear up to 750 grams of weight. Again, if you want to send a gift like a pair of shoes for your friend you can choose a small parcel that can take up to 2kg of weight. Or like, if you want to send a wallpaper or rolled poster to your distant relatives you can choose royal mail PiP boxes; it will not only save your budget but also send your parcel to your destination with no harm.


Because of the availability of different-sized boxes for parcels and cost-effectiveness, people are readily choosing such types of pip boxes to send their parcels properly. These are not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly and this actually works as the fuel for the huge consumption of the pip boxes in the UK. You can also buy PiP boxes viz. mailing bags and eco-friendly postal bags to send your parcel to your loved ones. It not only secures your parcel but also releases pressure on this environment. It also provides the best solution for fragile items.

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