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What Tape to Use for Shipping?

Wondering which type of shipping tape is right for shipping? Look no further, opting for the right tape is important to ensure that your packages are secure and arrive at their destination intact. There are a variety of types of tapes available, such as brown tape, bulk packing tape, and more, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s explore different types of tape you can easily use for shipping, and some tips on how to choose the best one for your business or needs.

Types of Shipping Tapes

1. Packing Tape

  • Acrylic packing tape is one of the most common types of tape you can use for shipping. It is durable, resistant to UV light, and performs well in a range of temperatures. It’s an ideal choice for long-term storage and shipping.
  • Hot melt packing is known for its strong adhesive properties. Hot melt packing tape is perfect for securing heavy packages. It adheres quickly and holds well, making it a popular choice for shipping.
  • Water-activated tape requires water to activate its adhesive. It has a very strong bond with corrugated boxes and is tamper-evident. It is environmentally friendly and ideal for high-volume shipping operations.

2. Strapping Tape

This tape is supported with fiberglass strands, making it extremely strong. It is used for bundling heavy items and reinforcing boxes. Strapping tape is not only tough but also offers additional security to prevent tampering.

3. Duct Tape

While not conventionally used for shipping, duct tape is very strong and can be used for securing heavy packages in a pinch. However, it is not advised for standard shipping needs because of its bulky nature and potential for deposition.

4. Masking Tape

This tape is not generally used for shipping, as it’s designed for temporary sticking and is easy to remove. It does not offer the durability or strength needed for securing packages during transit.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shipping Tapes

  • Package Weight & Size: For lightweight packages, standard acrylic packing tape should suffice. To pack the heavier or bulkier packages, consider using hot melt packing tape or strapping tape for added security.
  • Environmental Condition: You can consider the conditions your package will face during transit. Acrylic tape is suitable for a vast range of temperatures, while hot melt tape performs better in colder environments. If your packages are stored or shipped in high humidity or extreme temperatures, opt for tape that can resist these conditions.
  • Package Material: Some shipping tape works well with corrupted cardboard. Nevertheless, if you are shipping items in different materials, like plastic or metal, ensure the tape you choose adheres well to these surfaces.
  • Security Needs: If your package security is a concern, opt for water-activated tape, which is tamper-evident and provides a strong bond.


Opting for the right tape for shipping is important to ensure your package arrives safely and securely. These packaging tapes are a versatile and reliable option for most shipping tape and provide additional strength for heavier packages. You should consider environmental conditions, package materials, and security needs when selecting your tape. You can visit the wholesale tape provider, known as the Stock Supplies website.

Packaging Tapes

How to Use Tapes in Different Ways for Your Packaging?

There is nothing more usable than transparent tape or brown tape. Tapes are an important component of the packaging process, providing a versatile and reliable solution for securing, labelling, and enhancing packages. Whether it is for your business to streamline your shipping process or an individual preparing packages for personal use, understanding the various ways to use tape can significantly improve your packaging efficiency and effectiveness.

Here are some creative and innovative, easy-to-use tapes in different aspects of packing:

  • Standard Packing Tape

The common use of tape is to secure the flaps of boxes. Standard packing tape is strong and adhesive, providing a secure seal that ensures the supplies remain intact during transit. Using the “H” method to seal the box, apply tape along the centre seam and then along the edges to create an H shape to prevent it from opening or splitting.

  • Labelling & Identifying

Using brown packaging tape or any other coloured tape can help in identifying and organising packages. Different colours can indicate various types of goods, destinations, or levels of priority. For instance, red tape could signify fragile items, while blue tape might indicate express delivery.

Printed tape is a great way to include important information directly on the package. This could involve your company logo, handling instructions, or promotional message.

  • Reinforcing & Protecting

For packages containing heavy and sharp-edged items, reinforcement tape can offer an additional layer of protection. This adhesive tape is usually made from fibreglass or other strong materials and can prevent the package from tearing open.

Water-activated tape, known as gummed tape, forms a strong bond with the packaging material. It provides a tamper-evident seal, useful for protecting valuable or sensitive items.

  • Bundling & Securing

For bundling multiple items and goods together, strapping tape would be an ideal choice. It is extremely strong and can hold items securely without breaking. This is useful for consolidating smaller packages into a single larger package or securing items.

There is a similar tape to plastic tape, known as stretch tape, that is used to bundle and secure irregularly shaped goods. It can be wrapped around goods to hold them together, offering stability & protection.


Tape is an amazingly versatile tool in the world of packaging, providing solutions for securing, labelling, reinforcing, bundling, and more. By understanding the different types of tape and their uses, you can simply enhance the efficiency, security, and appearance of your packaging process and the protection of your packages. If you are looking to buy these tapes online, consider visiting the Stock Supplies website.

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Tape Triumphs: Securing Your Parcels Like a Pro in the UK

Packaging tape is essential for ensuring that your packages arrive unharmed. Strong packaging tape is an absolute necessity for any company owner since it ensures that your items arrive in good shape and without damage. Our product line includes the standard Scotch tape alongside our own brown tape, which is accessible in bundles of 3 and 6 as well as individually.

If you’re mailing a large item that requires stronger tape, we suggest searching through the heavy-duty packing tape options. Whatever cargo you’re delivering, you can get affordable and best-quality tape from UK packaging tape manufacturers and wholesalers.

Provides security and safety

Securing parcels must be entertained by an entity so that their customers can be served sophisticatedly. It impacts a lot for branding, customer loyalty, and sustainable growth. Parcel tape, often called packing tape or shipping tape, is a form of sticky tape utilised for sealing and wrapping goods during shipment and transit. It is critical to guarantee that parcels are correctly sealed, safeguarding their contents throughout travel, and keeping them from leaking or getting harmed during transportation.

Parcel tape features a powerful stickiness that forms a stable and permanent bind between surfaces. The glue-like substance guarantees that the wrapping paper clings firmly to parcels and does not tear off throughout transit. Many package tapes are waterproof, which protects against humidity and adverse weather. Waterproof tape keeps package materials dry and undamaged even in wet or humid weather.

Easy handling of parcel tapes

Whenever you see a parcel that you received earlier, you might see good packaging with an all-enclosed parcel to secure your products from external force applied during handling. Companies use good packaging techniques to cover up your parcel from all sides. Before packing any product, preparing the surface is the main task to ensure good adhesion of the tape upon the parcel. Cleaning and drying up the surface of the parcel, brown tape, or any packaging tape is applied with pressing by fingertip or sometimes pressure applying utilities based on the parcel size or type. The parcel tape that UK packaging tape suppliers deal generally with is tamper-evident tape designed to identify tampering or manipulation. You also need to know how to use the tapes efficiently so that it would reduce waste and cost too. Cutting tape with proper measurement also requires professionals to handle packaging suitable and effective.  Also, choosing the right type of tape for your parcel is also important as it provides longevity for the parcel.


The Evolving Landscape of Packaging Tape Supply in the UK: Insights for Businesses

Consumer-driven and environmental issues in the packaging tape business UK create emerging technology trend of this nature. The movement is not just a matter of supply chain efficiency but also an environmental and market responsibility.

Technological Advancements and Innovation

An important trend that has been noted in this market is technology-based solutions. Manufacturers invest in R&D to come up with stronger and tougher tapes that apply on a wide range of surfaces. Such innovation in this area is not limited only to the properties of physical tape characteristics. Other smart packaging technologies may also be applicants for which tapes will have an important role. For example, a tape sensitive to colour may indicate change and interaction with abnormal surroundings as another layer of security guaranteeing quality control.

Sustainability: A Core Focus

Sustainability is also another major force that shapes the world’s supply of packaging tape. The consumers and law enforcers require green alternatives; hence manufacturers face several interest groups that need eco-responsible products. This has resulted in the emergence of biodegradable and reuse tapes that have become common. Companies are also investigating recycled tapes as another move towards environmentally friendly status. Although this current high cost, such products are long term investment to brand awareness and with attaining the environmental health rules.

Challenges and Opportunities for Businesses

Nonetheless, such flexibility does not come without its own challenges. One of the main challenges for companies is finding a balance between cost and sustainability. The application of eco-friendly technologies is always more costly, and the larger business in particular mostly shift from one cheaper version to save money.

Yet this challenge also presents an opportunity. If the companies invest on green packaging solutions, they can have unique selling proposition. They could build an image that is attractive to environmentally engaged citizens and ideally take the lead in CSR arena.


Packaging tape in the UK market is changing due to technology and sustainability Businesses should be informed about these trends in good time and take proactive actions. Being innovative and sustainable, firms not only increase their performance but also talk to competitors as the modern orientation towards ecology.