Packaging Tapes

How to Use Tapes in Different Ways for Your Packaging?

There is nothing more usable than transparent tape or brown tape. Tapes are an important component of the packaging process, providing a versatile and reliable solution for securing, labelling, and enhancing packages. Whether it is for your business to streamline your shipping process or an individual preparing packages for personal use, understanding the various ways to use tape can significantly improve your packaging efficiency and effectiveness.

Here are some creative and innovative, easy-to-use tapes in different aspects of packing:

  • Standard Packing Tape

The common use of tape is to secure the flaps of boxes. Standard packing tape is strong and adhesive, providing a secure seal that ensures the supplies remain intact during transit. Using the “H” method to seal the box, apply tape along the centre seam and then along the edges to create an H shape to prevent it from opening or splitting.

  • Labelling & Identifying

Using brown packaging tape or any other coloured tape can help in identifying and organising packages. Different colours can indicate various types of goods, destinations, or levels of priority. For instance, red tape could signify fragile items, while blue tape might indicate express delivery.

Printed tape is a great way to include important information directly on the package. This could involve your company logo, handling instructions, or promotional message.

  • Reinforcing & Protecting

For packages containing heavy and sharp-edged items, reinforcement tape can offer an additional layer of protection. This adhesive tape is usually made from fibreglass or other strong materials and can prevent the package from tearing open.

Water-activated tape, known as gummed tape, forms a strong bond with the packaging material. It provides a tamper-evident seal, useful for protecting valuable or sensitive items.

  • Bundling & Securing

For bundling multiple items and goods together, strapping tape would be an ideal choice. It is extremely strong and can hold items securely without breaking. This is useful for consolidating smaller packages into a single larger package or securing items.

There is a similar tape to plastic tape, known as stretch tape, that is used to bundle and secure irregularly shaped goods. It can be wrapped around goods to hold them together, offering stability & protection.


Tape is an amazingly versatile tool in the world of packaging, providing solutions for securing, labelling, reinforcing, bundling, and more. By understanding the different types of tape and their uses, you can simply enhance the efficiency, security, and appearance of your packaging process and the protection of your packages. If you are looking to buy these tapes online, consider visiting the Stock Supplies website.

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