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Our Polypropylene Bags stand out from ordinary options., and they come at a great price too! With punched air hole, these bags let your items breathe while ensuring top-notch safety. Our polypropylene bags can handle it all with ease. Trust us for reliable and versatile storage solutions – An improvement over standard bags, suitable for clothes storage and items display purpose.


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    Clear Opp Bags with Printed Safety Warning – Ideal for Clothes & Display Purpose.

    From: £7.77

Discover Top-Quality OPP Bags for Secure Packaging.

Our OPP bags are strong, reliable, and affordable! Perfect for various storage needs, these bags stand out with punched air holes, allowing your items to breathe while ensuring top-notch safety. Whether it’s clothes storage or displaying items, our polypropylene bags can handle it all.

Switching to Stock Supplies is easy. We offer a wide range of these bags on a sale or return basis, showing our confidence in both our products and prices. As a leading packaging supplier in the UK, we’ve got you covered!

OPP Bags: Secure Storage for Your Items

Our OPP bags are designed for reliability and affordability. Offering a single type with versatile features, these bags are perfect for various needs, including clear packaging, punched air holes for ventilation, and suitability for both clothes storage and display purposes.

Rest assured, our opp bags prioritize the safety and security of your items. Find the ideal bag for your requirements today!

Benefits of Choosing Stock Supplies:

  •  Protects Your Items
  •  Versatile Storage
  •  Reliable and Durable
  •  Great for Display
  •  Environmentally Friendly

We also specialize in bulk quantities. Our wide selection is ready for same-day delivery via an overnight service for your convenience.

Start packing with our high-quality opp bags. Reach out to our friendly customer support at 0116 2608175 or email sales@stocksupplies.co.uk for any questions about our bags or other products and services.