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Our Royal Mail PIP boxes are designed for Royal Mail’s pricing structure and perfect for CDs, books, DVDs, gifts, electronics, and games.


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  • Mini PIP boxes

    Mini Royal Mail PIP Boxes

    From: £2.79
  • C6 PIP boxes

    C6/A6 Royal Mail PIP Boxes

    From: £2.85
  • DL PIP box

    DL Royal Mail PIP Boxes

    From: £2.87
  • C5 PIP boxes

    C5/A5 Royal Mail PIP Boxes

    From: £3.00
  • C4 PIP boxes

    C4/A4 Royal Mail PIP Boxes

    From: £3.31

Securing Your Essentials with Our Royal Mail PIP Boxes:

Are you seeking to ensure the safe delivery of your important documents, books, and various items? Look no further than our Royal Mail PIP boxes! We have a diverse range of sizes to accommodate items of all shapes and dimensions. Our boxes are constructed from high-quality materials, providing you with the confidence that your products will be well-protected.

Tailored PIP Boxes for Your Business Needs:

At Stock Supplies, we specialize in crafting custom solutions tailored to your business requirements. Whether it’s designing and manufacturing the perfect PIP box or creating a carton that fits your specific needs, we’ve got you covered. Our solutions not only guarantee an ideal fit but also help you cut costs while ensuring your goods are secure during transit.

Perfect for Royal Mail Pricing Structure:

When cost-effectiveness aligns with Royal Mail’s pricing structure, our Royal Mail PIP boxes shine. Whether you’re sending CDs, books, DVDs, gifts, electronics, or games, our boxes offer an optimal solution. Choose Royal Mail PIP boxes to ensure the safety of your items during postage.

Cost-Effective Shipping for E-commerce:

Looking to reduce shipping expenses? PIP boxes are the answer! By selecting the right sizes, you can significantly lower your shipping costs. Make the most of this cost-saving advantage and ensure your products reach their destination economically.

Why Choose Stock Supplies?

Extensive Variety: Stock Supplies offers a wide range of packaging solutions, from boxes to bags and more, catering to various needs.
Uncompromising Quality: Our packaging solutions are manufactured to the highest standards, guaranteeing the safety of your products.
Budget-Friendly: We offer competitive prices, enabling you to meet your packaging needs without exceeding your budget.
Swift Delivery: Known for our prompt delivery, we ensure you get your packaging solutions when you need them.
Expert Guidance: Stock Supplies provides expert advice to help you choose the best packaging solutions for your requirements.

Place your order for Royal Mail PIP boxes in the UK today. For any queries about our products, reach out to our friendly customer support at 0116 2608175 or email us at Your packaging journey begins with Stock Supplies.