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We have a fantastic selection of tapes for all your online packaging needs. You can choose from clear, brown, and fragile tape, making it easy to customize your packages. Clear tape gives a neat and professional look, keeping everything secure without covering important information. Brown tape adds a natural touch and looks classy on your packages. If you want to add your own special touch, If you want to handle delicate items with care, we have fragile tape that’s perfect for you!


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  • Clear 24x66

    Clear Packaging Tape – 24mm x 66m

    From: £4.44
  • Clear 48x66

    Clear Packaging Tape – 48mm x 66m

    From: £5.40
  • Brown 48x91

    Brown Packaging Tape – 48mm x 66m

    From: £5.40
  • Clear 48x66

    Clear Tape (Low Noise) – 48mm x 66m

    From: £5.46
  • Brown 48x91

    Brown Tape (Low Noise) – 48mm x 66m

    From: £5.46
  • fragile tape

    Fragile Packaging Tape – 48mm x 66m

    From: £5.88
  • clear tape

    Clear Packaging Tape – 48mm x 91m

    From: £6.48
  • Clear 72x66

    Clear Packaging Tape – 72mm x 66m

    From: £6.48
  • Brown 48x91

    Brown Packaging Tape – 48mm x 91m

    From: £6.54
  • Brown 72x66

    Brown Packaging Tape – 72mm x 66m

    From: £6.54
  • Sold out! fragile tape

    Fragile Packaging Tape – 48mm x 91m

    From: £7.62

Seal Your Products with Right Packaging Tapes in UK

No matter the task, our selection of packing tapes is sure to provide an ideal solution for your needs. From standard clear to brown and fragile, we offer a range of options to help you securely and efficiently package items for transport.

For any business that needs to ship out items, dependable packaging tape is an absolute must. It is more powerful than the standard office tape, as it is designed to be extra resilient due to its more robust adhesive. This makes it perfect for securely taping up cardboard boxes and cartons.

As the largest and most trusted packaging tape manufacturers UK, we offer a wide selection of packing tapes that are strong, durable and easy to tear, making them perfect for packing boxes and other materials for shipment or storage. Find the perfect packing tape for you today!

Varieties of Packaging Tapes Manufactured in UK

Stock Supplies is the largest packaging tape Supplier UK offering a wide range of packing solutions as per your business and personnel needs. From packing industrial goods to home appliances, the market of strong packaging tapes UK is overflowing with various types of tape, each having its own set of distinguishing characteristics.

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly used adhesive tapes for packaging purposes.

  • Clear or transparent tapes
  • Brown tapes
  • Fragile tapes

Buy Affordable Tapes from Stock Supplies

Are you looking for the perfect tape offered by the most reliable packaging tape wholesale supplier to secure your packages? Our expansive selection of packaging tapes offers you a range of choices – from brown to clear – that provide strong adhesion to seal all kinds of boxes. But why choose us as your trusted packaging tape manufacturers UK? Read on to know the answer.

  • High-quality products: We strive to ensure that all our products, crafted from premium quality materials, are designed, assembled, and distributed to the highest standards in order to meet the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Versatile: We suggest using our transparent packaging tape for any of your needs related to storage, relocation, packing, shipping, or mailing.
  • Sustainable packaging solutions: Our catalogue contains products made of eco-friendly materials and recycled paper, including clear tape.
  • On-time delivery: As the biggest packaging tape supplier UK, our main aim is customer satisfaction, and hence we’ll deliver your products in time with our fast delivery service.

Get 24/7 Customer Support Service

If you have any questions or issues regarding our strong packaging tape UK manufactured, Stock Supplies’ team of experienced professionals is here to help. Contact our customer service team at 0116 2608175 or send an email to sales@stocksupplies.co.uk.