Shipping Tapes

What Tape to Use for Shipping?

Wondering which type of shipping tape is right for shipping? Look no further, opting for the right tape is important to ensure that your packages are secure and arrive at their destination intact. There are a variety of types of tapes available, such as brown tape, bulk packing tape, and more, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s explore different types of tape you can easily use for shipping, and some tips on how to choose the best one for your business or needs.

Types of Shipping Tapes

1. Packing Tape

  • Acrylic packing tape is one of the most common types of tape you can use for shipping. It is durable, resistant to UV light, and performs well in a range of temperatures. It’s an ideal choice for long-term storage and shipping.
  • Hot melt packing is known for its strong adhesive properties. Hot melt packing tape is perfect for securing heavy packages. It adheres quickly and holds well, making it a popular choice for shipping.
  • Water-activated tape requires water to activate its adhesive. It has a very strong bond with corrugated boxes and is tamper-evident. It is environmentally friendly and ideal for high-volume shipping operations.

2. Strapping Tape

This tape is supported with fiberglass strands, making it extremely strong. It is used for bundling heavy items and reinforcing boxes. Strapping tape is not only tough but also offers additional security to prevent tampering.

3. Duct Tape

While not conventionally used for shipping, duct tape is very strong and can be used for securing heavy packages in a pinch. However, it is not advised for standard shipping needs because of its bulky nature and potential for deposition.

4. Masking Tape

This tape is not generally used for shipping, as it’s designed for temporary sticking and is easy to remove. It does not offer the durability or strength needed for securing packages during transit.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shipping Tapes

  • Package Weight & Size: For lightweight packages, standard acrylic packing tape should suffice. To pack the heavier or bulkier packages, consider using hot melt packing tape or strapping tape for added security.
  • Environmental Condition: You can consider the conditions your package will face during transit. Acrylic tape is suitable for a vast range of temperatures, while hot melt tape performs better in colder environments. If your packages are stored or shipped in high humidity or extreme temperatures, opt for tape that can resist these conditions.
  • Package Material: Some shipping tape works well with corrupted cardboard. Nevertheless, if you are shipping items in different materials, like plastic or metal, ensure the tape you choose adheres well to these surfaces.
  • Security Needs: If your package security is a concern, opt for water-activated tape, which is tamper-evident and provides a strong bond.


Opting for the right tape for shipping is important to ensure your package arrives safely and securely. These packaging tapes are a versatile and reliable option for most shipping tape and provide additional strength for heavier packages. You should consider environmental conditions, package materials, and security needs when selecting your tape. You can visit the wholesale tape provider, known as the Stock Supplies website.

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